Students prepare for the future at the College and Career Fair: Photo of the Day 4/5/19


Madeline Hull

Sierra Rossman talked to Admissions Counselor Jennifer Reid from Shenandoah University.

by Madeline Hull, Reporter

On April 1, Student Services held a College and Career Fair during PREP and lunch shifts on Main Street. Every table had representatives and alumni who helped interested students find their perfect college.

A total of 29 different colleges, universities, armed forces, and local businesses had tables at the fair. A few of the tables with representatives included McDaniel College, Mount Saint Mary’s, Towson University, the AirForce, and the National Fire Academy.

“Attending a career fair is a good opportunity for students to explore career options available at a variety of schools and businesses,” said Student Services secretary Ms. Failor when asked about the importance of the fair.

Joshua Brown the directory coordinator from Liberty University talked to many students. He was very energetic and engaged well with all students. He began talking about courses, majors and actives students can do at Liberty, “We have your typical things, like business communications and physiology, but we have our own BAR credited law school; we have our own medical school; even our own airport if you want to learn how to fly planes, fly drones or work on planes.”

Sophomore Bailey Bennett joked with Brown after he shared information about the airport at Liberty. “I should definitely learn how to fly a plane,” she said.

“Real talk! Do you know the demand for female pilots? If there is something you already have figured that you know you want, you will do anything you can to get it,” Brown said.

But not all students want to go to college. Some students choose to go straight from high school to a career. Electricians, radiology technicians, and manufacturing machinists are only a few options out of the 36% of the job openings that do not require an education beyond high school. The Airforce and the National Fire academy were only two out of the 10 tables that doesn’t require anything above a high school diploma.

Madeline Hull
Bailey Bennett spent just as much time looking at colleges as she did collecting free gifts.

“When I was applying, I only applied to one school. I didn’t know about all my options, so being here and helping students with find their perfect college fit is important to me,” said Admissions Counselor Jennifer Reid from Shenandoah University.

One of the biggest reasons students left the cafeteria to talk to colleges was the swag they offered:  pencils, key chains, sunglasses and more.