Smithhisler’s ATP class performs Shakespeare scenes: Photo of the Day 6/16/19


Thomas French

Mackenzie Berry and Rowan Gallagher perform a scene from Julius Caesar.

by Thomas French, Reporter

On June 11, Angela Smithhislers Advanced Theatrical Production class memorized and performed scenes from famous Shakespeare plays, such as Hamlet, Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Othello

This was the last major assignment for Smithhisler’s class, with a smaller lesson on stage combat prepared for the last days of school.

The scenes included Rowan Gallahger and Mackenzie Berry as Brutus and Portia from Julius Caesar, Ricky Guariglia and Bryn Kerney as Othella and Desdemona from Othello, David Kominars and Emily Webb as Oberon and Titania from Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Thomas French and Lindsey Hall as Hamlet and Ophelia from Hamlet.

“I liked playing Oberon because even though he is a powerful fairy and king, he can’t get anything past his wife, Titania. He is complex and was fun to play.” said Kominars.

Smithhisler thought this group was ready for the difficult language. Smithhisler said, “I gauge the level and ability of each class before assigning Shakespeare scenes.”