Despite snow storm, athletes warm up for spring: Photo of the Day 3/4/19


Bailey Spore

Nick Hayslett (left), Aidan Shaw (middle) and Zack Hunsaker (right) warm up for the first track practice.

by Bailey Spore, Editor

March 1 was originally scheduled to be a two-hour early dismissal, but because of an incoming snow storm, Frederick County Public Schools changed it to a two hour delay instead. Most students weren’t expecting to have school and were surprised to see that spring tryouts were still on when they woke up.

Outdoor track has the field right after school, from 2:30-4:30. The snow on the track melted before practice started. Other sports such as Lacrosse or Baseball had issues because of the snow too.

“The field was covered with snow, so we had tryouts in the auxiliary gym,” said Dylan Miller, who plays on the varsity baseball team. The team had other problems too, because of basketball games going on in the gyms, tryouts were tough to get through. Baseball tryouts continue through March 6.

Lacrosse had tryouts March 1 and 2. All the snow had already melted, so the field was only wet Friday night, but that wasn’t much of a problem for the teams. The biggest problem the boys lacrosse team had was the next morning. Tryouts were held at 6:45 a.m, and, because of a snow dusting overnight, the entire field was covered. The same morning, a weather advisory cut tryouts short for the boys.

There is more snow in the forecast later in the first week of the season. Best of luck to all the athletes trying out for teams, and to the teams in their spring seasons.