Dance students perform at the dance showcase: Photo of the Day 5/21/19


Courtesy of Valerie Ducos

Dancers incorporated props to make their dances fun and exciting.

by Lindsey Russo, Editor

On May 20, dance students held their annual showcase. The theme was “Louder than Words.”

All of the dances were choreographed by the student choreographers who are in intermediate and advanced classes. They had auditions to choose who they wanted in their dance.

The types of dances performed were lyrical, contemporary, modern, hip-hop and musical theater.

There were 16 dances which included “September” choreographed by Solana Rios, “Coco” choreographed by Taylor Mitcham, “Girls Need Love Too” choreographed by Isabelle Thomas, “Ready for It” choreographed by Nicole Mills, “The Entertainer” choreographed by Vicky Suggs, “Spring” choreographed by Angela Smithhisler, “Let the Drums Begin” choreographed by Ashley Nash, “I Don’t Wanna Be You Anymore” choreographed by Hannah Chenault, “Crazy in Love” choreographed by Kelly Stouffer, “Let Her Go” choreographed by Lizzie Hall, “Arctic” choreographed by Kelly Stouffer, “1-800-273-8255” choreographed by Solana Rios, “Buss Down” choreographed by Isabelle Thomas, “Terror” choreographed by Riley Johnston and “Frontier” choreographed by Angela Smithhisler.

“My favorite dance I performed was ‘I don’t want to be you anymore’ choreographed by Hannah Chenualt. It was such a great piece with a powerful message that fit the music,” Ducos said.

During the “Buss Down” dance, the dancers did a popular dance move called ‘hitting the woah.’ The audience loved this dance and showed a lot of support for the dancers

“I definitely enjoyed performing and entertaining the audience with the ‘Buss Down’ piece and all the others after all of our hard work.” Valerie Ducos said.

Those with the most experience that participated in the the most dances included Taylor Mitcham, Ashley Nash, Avé Boghossian-James, Dakota Wheat, Elizabeth Hall and Katie Johnson.

The dance class has been practicing since March shortly after starting the second semester.

Mrs. Angela Smithhisler helps with routines, technique and choreography.

“I think it was a really good time, and it’s a fun class,” Solana Rios said.