Schwartzbeck’s volleyball service project serves up competition


Alaina Burger

Senior Lauren Ryan serves the ball.

by Alaina Burger, Reporter

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Close to 100 students took a break from learning and fought it out on the volleyball court to raise money for prom and to earn bragging rights.

On November 4, senior Garrett Schwartzbeck began a week-long volleyball tournament held during PREP (LHS’s version of “study hall”) in the main gym. The tournament is his student service learning project, and all proceeds, $350, will fund this year’s prom. 

Anyone could sign up to participate or watch the games, and it was a mix of all grades, girls and boys.

“I think that [the diversity of students in teams] adds more variety and makes it more fun,” said senior and varsity volleyball captain Lauren Ryan.

Setting up a volleyball tournament to raise money for a specific cause has been an annual tradition for the past few years. The idea was originally started by 2018 Linganore graduate Josh Taylor during his senior year as an SSL. 

Taylor started his tournament to raise money for the Learning for Life program, run by Mrs. Mary Henry. The tournament raised a total of $400. 

“I knew it [volleyball] was a big thing at Linganore. That was the one game in school people enjoyed the most. I thought a volleyball tournament would be a good way to raise money in a way that students would get excited about,” said Taylor. 

Student service learning (SSL), is an elective class open to juniors and seniors. The class, run by Mr. Jeremy Brown, assigns students to one teacher based on their skills and the needs of the class. It serves as a way to teach students leadership, mentorship, and community service.  Teachers love student services learners because they are an extra pair of hands and eyes in the classroom.

“As a senior, balancing college applications and school is stressful. Helping out as an SSL takes a lot of weight off my shoulders. SSL projects are a way to give back to the school and find ways to raise money that we normally wouldn’t have,” said Schwartzbeck. 

Garrett Schwartzbeck’s volleyball tournament ended on November 6. Schwartzbeck’s own team won, with a score of 25-21 in the final game against Lauren Ryan’s team.