Journalism Fantasy Football: Nolan and Byrd remain tied after Weeks 3 and 4


by Christian Nolan and Jason Byrd

Week 3 and 4 leaves 1v1 Fantasy Football in overtime, wondering who is going to take the lead these next few weeks. After Week 3, Team Nolan took a clutch 127.4-121.7 point win. After sitting with a 2-1 record lead for a week, Team Byrd stole Week 4 with his own clutch performance winning 161.5-157.1. Now both teams sit at 2-2.

Team Nolan’s win in Week 3 came from RB Todd Gurley II, 24.6 points, RB Saquon Barkley, 22.7 points, and WR´s Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr. combined for 36.9 points to take a slim 6 point lead going into Week 4. Tom Brady, on the other hand, was no help at all. He only threw 133 yards in the Patriots loss against the Detroit Lions.

Team Byrd took a Week 3 6 point loss, mainly because of Aaron Rodgers and Tyreek Hill under performing. Drew Brees had 40 points on Byrd’s bench while Rodgers only had 19. He should’ve played Alvin Kamara, who also had a break-out game with 34 points. Knowing all this, Bryd made some significant changes to the line-up for Week 4.

In the Week 4 showcase, Team Nolan held a steady lead for a long time. He had WR DeAndre Hopkins put up 32.9 points, and both Brady and Gronkowski showed up to play with 27.4 points combined. Although it was a tough loss, everyone on Team Nolan was consistent. Team Byrd just happened to have elite RB´s that had an amazing week (which is also very rare).

Team Byrd’s Week 4 had a bad start to say the least. The score after the Thursday night game was about 34 for Team Nolan and -9 points for Team Byrd, thanks to the Vikings’ defensive performance. With Team Byrd with a disadvantage going into Sunday, certain players needed to step up. And even with Brees only scoring 8 points, Zeke Elliott and Kamara combined for 75 points. Along with a Julio Jones 26 point game, Team Byrd was able to comeback with a 161-157 win.

It’s time to change the line-up. Team Nolan is having TE Travis Kelce instead of Rob Gronkowski. The Jaguars’ defense has been replaced with the Eagles, and Stephen Gostkowski replaced the Rams’ backup kicker Sam Ficken.

For week 5, Byrd is starting Melvin Gordon after he’s been averaging 26 points per game and switched out the Vikings’ defense for the Titans, who play the Buffalo Bills. Team Byrd is predicted to beat Team Nolan 157-146.