Boys JV soccer ends season with devastating tie: Photo of the Day 10/17/18


Erich Miller

The Linganore team defends Brunswick running down the field in the beginning of the second half

by Erich Miller, Reporter


The Linganore JV boys soccer team took on the Brunswick Railroaders Tuesday night for their final game of the season. They were hoping to end their season on a high note but unfortunately, that did not happen.

The game started off slow, as the ball was kicked back and forth for 30 minutes with not a lot of action. But then Linganore moved the ball downfield, and sophomore Oral Anthony Coleman scored his first goal of the evening. The whole team celebrated the goal with only six minutes left in the half. During the final two minutes, Brunswick kicked the ball downfield, got past Linganore’s defense, and all the sudden it was a one on one. Brunswick blasted the ball into the bottom left corner of the net as no time remained on the clock.

“It was a devastating blow to us, we were so mad and it almost divided us as a team. We were all frustrated, but we had to gain the momentum back and score another goal” Class of 2022 member Collin Grover said.

The second half began, yet again the half started slowly with the ball bouncing back and forth between the two teams. Yet Linganore was able to possess the ball for most of the second half. Brunswick had a close chance with a nice shot on goal with 20 minutes left yet goalie Ethan Brohawn had a diving save to keep the game tied.

Yet as the game went on sophomore Oral Anthony Coleman bombed the ball into the bottom right corner for his second goal of the day. As Linganore celebrated, the game was all but over. With one minute left, Brunswick took the ball down the field in seconds shooting the ball. Linganore watched the ball roll in the net as it was a devastating blow to the team. The game ended in a devastating tie.

“We fought very hard, well as a team. It wasn’t a win but it was a good season none the less” Class of 2021 member Oral Coleman said.

The Linganore JV boys team ended the season 7-3-2 with a promising year, and a bright future to come.

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