Mr. Linganore contestants show their creative side during lunch-time cake contest


Natalie Rebetsky

Carol Tull, Melanie Pullum and Cynthia Bernick judge the cake portion of the Mr. LHS lunch contests.

by Elizabeth Anderson, Editor

During first lunch shift on March 8, the eight contestants of Mr. Linganore XXL, and their chosen assistants, participated in the annual lunchtime cake decorating competition. Each student’s decorations had to pertain to their chosen character for Mr. Linganore, be creative and appealing to the senses. The cakes were then judged by the cafeteria staff.

Though every cake was unique in its own way, there were definitely some crowd favorites. Garrett Johnson, who is portraying a Musketeer, iced his cake with white icing and topped it with a gold sprinkle cross, a cavalier hat, and the words “All for one…” written out with red wooden letters.

“My favorite part of Mr. Linganore has been hanging out with my friends at practices,” said Johnson. He chose the Musketeer as his character because “they are always fighting for their people.”

Natalie Rebetsky
Erick Stutz decorated his cake in a Mrs. Doubtfire theme.

Other fan favorites included Erick Stutz’s Mrs. Doubtfire-themed cake, complete with a Mrs. Doubtfire figurine, miniature pots and pans, and dollhouse-sized table and chairs, Andrew Nash’s Star Wars-themed cake including Twizzler lightsabers, and Nathan Lippy’s Sherwood Forest cake representing his character Robin Hood with a forest scene across the cake.

Devin Barge created a boombox on his cake to embody the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air; Lars Eklund used icing and toothpicks to create a viking ship for Leif Erikson; Joel Tate cut his cake in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head in honor of Walt Disney; and Josh Watson chose to portray his character, The Fonz, by writing “Happy Days” on his cake (the TV show where The Fonz originates).

During the following two lunch shifts, two other competitions were held. The contestants created love letters and gum-drop towers.

Natalie Rebetsky
Emily Sedgewick, Erick Stutz, Josh Watson, and Alex Tran work on decorating their Mr. LHS cakes.

The results of the cake decorating contest or the other lunchtime contests will be announced at the Mr. Linganore XXL competition on Saturday, March 10 at 7 p.m.. Tickets will be available at the door.

Good luck to all contestants!