Josh Watson hopes that March 10 will be one happy day

by Kelsey Ward, Editor

One of the eight contestants, Josh Watson will be portraying The Fonz from Happy Days. His dance partner is Caitlin Peigh. His manager is Alex Tran.

“I wanted to be The Fonz because we have a lot of things in common. We are both often found wearing a white t-shirt and are impeccable with the ladies. If I were to choose another time period to live in, it would be the 50s,” said Watson.

Watson is excited for Mr. Linganore because he gets to hang out with some of his best friends who are also doing the show. He is also excited to get to know some of the other guys in the show.

“I wanted to do Mr. Linganore because I have been the scorekeeper for the last three years, and it always looks like a lot of fun,” said Watson.

In 2016, Watson’s older brother, Matt, placed second in the competition. Watson said that now he wants to win first to beat his brother.

Watson is a member of the marching band, orchestra, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, as well as being varsity soccer captain. He is the president of the Frederick County Student Government Association.

Outside of school, Watson enjoys playing bass in his church band and running. His talent will highlight his musicianship. Joining him on stage with be Alex Tran, Matt Carney and David Wallace.

After high school, Watson wants to attend a four-year university to major in chemical engineering.

“I think that I will win this competition because I am a talented, good looking guy and I embody the spirit of Linganore,” said Watson.