#LanceroftheWeek: Dane Shaw races past the competition


Shaw competes in a race at Breezewood Proving Grounds.

Dane Shaw is a rising freshman graduating from New Market Middle School and a member of the Class of 2022. He is a dedicated motocross racer and invests the majority of his time into the sport.

“The adrenaline rush during a race is like an escape from reality,” said Shaw.

Shaw’s favorite rider at the moment is Zach Osborne, because he has been through a lot but has managed to come back faster and faster every season. Shaw’s best skill is his ability to learn and adapt while he’s on a bike, but he believes that every racer can always make improvements to their riding.

Although he grew up around the sport, he began competitively racing just one year ago. Since then, he has grown to love the sport and the friends he’s made. 

Shaw said,”My parents, Debbie and Craig Shaw, are my biggest supporters. They’re the ones who help me prepare my bikes before races and get me to and from the races.”

His father, Craig Shaw, was an avid motocross racer.

“I support Dane’s racing because I was allowed the same thing as a kid. Growing up, my dad supported my racing. My favorite part about racing is the camaraderie, the opportunity to travel to different places, and meeting different people,” said Craig Shaw.

Shaw currently participates in a race series at Breezewood Proving Grounds located in Clearville, PA. However, he hopes to soon begin racing at tracks all along the east coast in order to compete against a wider variety of racers and to become a better racer himself.

In order to prepare for a race, Shaw will service and inspect his bikes several days prior. By inspecting and fixing the bikes as needed, broken parts can be fixed before they cause issues, and accidents and injuries can be avoided. Luckily, Shaw has never been seriously injured while racing, but has suffered some minor injuries.

Shaw has continued to climb closer to a first place finish throughout the last year.

“My greatest achievement in the sport was a second place finish in a race. The feeling of success which came along with that second place finish also made that my favorite moment during my time racing. I have yet to win any races, but I am working hard every time I get on the bike so I can get my first win,” said Shaw.

“Through my time racing, I have learned the value of patience and to never stop trying your hardest. If I were to go pro, it’d be a long way off and I’d have to put in a lot of hard work. However, I truly believe anything is possible. How far I want to go with my racing career is just going to have to be a decision I make later on in life,” said Shaw.

In high school, Shaw says he is most looking forward to being able to make new friends and the opportunity to take classes which interest him. He believes that he will become a more mature and responsible student throughout high school due to the increased difficulty of courses and workload. However, Shaw believes that, the switch from seven class periods to four is going to take time to become accustomed to.