#Lancersoftheweek: Pearl and Bromley brothers break 100th win milestone


Courtesy of Lancer wrestling team

Joey Bromley, Michael Bromley, and Dalton Pearl all celebrating their 100th win.

by Braden Weinel, Reporter

Dalton Pearl, Joey Bromley, Michael Bromley and Earl Blake are senior captains of the wrestling team. Two-time state champion Blake earned his 100th win in the 2017–2018 season, with the other three captains all breaking that milestone this year.

Pearl has a record of 111-40: Michael has a record of 120-40; and Joey has a record of 102-14. These three wrestlers like to train together and push each other. Both Bromleys and Pearl give a lot of credit to their teammates for pushing them to greater success.

Although the high school wrestling team is what helped these three once they became freshmen, they all have had experience before entering high school. Pearl started wrestling at seven years old. His parents’ original goal was to just get him off the couch, but he soon fell in love with the sport. The Bromleys’ father, Mike, was a state champion wrestler at Damascus High School. He is the primary influence on Michael and Joey taking up the sport.

In March 2018, Michael, Joey, and Dalton all attended the 3A Maryland state wrestling tournament. Michael placed second in the 170 pound weight class, Joey placed third in the 160 pound weight class, and Dalton placed sixth in the 152 pound weight class.  

“My 100th win isn’t my end goal. It’s just another match to me. My real goal is to get my hand raised as a state champion in March,” said Pearl.

The wrestling team is undefeated in non-tournament dual team matches. They are the top team in the Maryland 3A West region and are on track for a state title. This is the first time that the wrestling team has beaten Urbana High School, reigning 4A state champions. The Lancers emerged victorious by one point and are now on their way to the regional semi-finals.