Class of 2018: Girls soccer seniors have scored just 13 days left of school


These girls show spirit for just 13 days left of school!

The Class of 2018 is just 13 days away from their last day of high school. Haley Barge, Ashley Yurich, Maddie Cunningham, Grace Pritchett, and Marie Tapscott had an eventful senior year. They finished their season with the title of 2017 Maryland 3A State Champions. They won in PK’s with the score of 4-3. This is the first State Championship after 3 appearances in the title game in the last 4 years.

Barge, Yurich, Pritchett, and Cunningham plan to continue their soccer career in college.

Barge will be attending Franklin & Marshall in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She plans to study in public health and following the pre-Med track. She will play for the F&M’s women’s soccer team and has not decided what club she will join yet. During her time at Linganore, she received many awards. One was the Golden Boot Award. She tied the single-season record with 23 goals. She received First Team All-County and 2nd Team All-State. Lastly, she earned the Nymeo with FMD; Athlete of the Month in December. Barge’s favorite part about being apart of the team was the bonds she made. She said the level of friendship they had on and off the field made soccer more enjoyable.

When Barge was asked if she had any advice for underclassmen, she said, ” Take advantage of your resources, such as Naviance. Compile a list of schools you may be interested in and look at their requirements. Make sure to take the SAT early to get a feel for where you stand. Lastly, do not slack off because that can lessen your chances of getting an academic scholarship or potential money for college. ”

Yurich will be going to St. Mary’s College of Maryland to continue playing soccer. She is still undecided about what she will be studying. Yurich was on varsity for 4 years and during her time she won first team all-county and second team all-state. Her favorite part of the season was the friendships she had made and the experience of winning states. The things she is going to miss most is soccer games and Friday night football games because it was always a fun time to get to hang out with her friends.

“Enjoy every minute of high school because it will fly by faster than you think.” said Yurich

Cunningham will be attending Gettysburg College and will be apart of the women’s soccer team. During her time at college, she is thinking about participating in other intramural sports. During her time at Linganore, she received many achievements. She received: All-State Honorable Mention, All-Area 1st team, All-conference 2nd team, Senior excellence award in 2017, and Team MVP in 2016.

Pritchett will be attending Howard Community College and will be playing soccer there, too. She wants to go to school to become Special Education teacher. Her favorite part about being on the team was the strong friendships she made that will last a lifetime. One thing she will miss is seeing her friends every day at school. Her advice for underclassmen is, “to live every moment to the fullest because high school flies by.”

Tapscott will be attending the Universtiy of Maryland to study biology. She plans to be in a research program but is also looking forward to tailgating, clubs, and rushing. During her time at Linganore, she won the scholar-athlete award and lancer of the year. She is also involved in SGA, NEHS, and NSHS. Her favorite part of being apart of the girl’s soccer team was all the memories she will remember and the bonds that will last a long time.

“Winning states was a perfect way to end my senior season,” said Tapscott

She will miss football games and spending time with her friends. She will also miss all the teachers that made a big impact on her. Her advice for underclassmen is, “Make the most of your time by getting involved in sports and/or clubs.”