Class of 2018 Bright Futures: Jack DuBro gains interest in Clemson

Jack DuBro chose to attend Clemson University because for him it’s a family tradition: it’s home, and it’s where he wants to spend his next four years. Before attending Clemson, DuBro will be living in Ocean City, working as a waiter over the summer.

“I plan to open up and operate a business that resides in the Clemson area,” said DuBro.

DuBro plans to major in either business or finance while at Clemson.

“I am looking forward to becoming immersed in the family environment, tailgates, and football games, while at Clemson. I don’t plan to run into any obstacles because I am unstoppable!” said DuBro.

DuBro hopes to join a fraternity while at Clemson and also plans to play inter-mural volleyball .

“My drive and competitiveness has led me to develop my will to win and to succeed as a future businessman,” said DuBro.

DuBro’s advice to underclassmen is to get involved early in extracurricular activities because it can make a change in your life.

DuBro’s family recently sold their house, so his parents can move closer to Clemson!

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