Students support LGBT rights with Day of Silence

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Students support LGBT rights with Day of Silence

by Tymira Davis, Reporter

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The Day Of Silence is when students from any school take a day-long vow that they will be silent  from bell to bell.

It was started when a student from the University of Wyoming, Matthew Shepard, was brutally beaten and murdered for being gay.

There are many stories like this one where people cannot share their sexuality and/or share their preferred gender without being constantly silenced. On The Day Of Silence, other individuals who support those that follow this cause stay quiet to recognize what they go through and how they can’t be themselves in a day-to-day type setting.

Many students and teachers participate in this day. Teachers wear rainbow ribbons, colors, and so do the students. 

Freshman Alexis Mills who participated in this day said, “Being a part of The Day of Silence was hard because there was a lot of people that didn’t even know what the day was about, and people just though I was being silent out of anger or for no reason.”

Students in the past used to rip down signs and write on signs that were not appropriate because they were strongly against the day and the people who are participating.

Science teacher Jessica Baker, one of the sponsors of the GSA,  and a group of about 40 students, participated.

“The hardest part of this day is speaking up, telling people who and what they are–knowing the chances of them getting laughed at or bullied,” said Baker.

To participate in this occasion students alerted their teachers and had the teachers sign a paper saying they are aware of the students’ choice to stay silent.  Students are obligated to talk if the teacher has an academic-related question.

When the Day of Silence ended, there was a “Break The Silence” party where the people there talk about their experience.


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