Girls soccer celebrates their win and their teachers: Photo of the Day 10/3/18


courtesy of Tom Ferguson

The girls stand and celebrate their teacher after giving them their gift bags.

by Sammie Hoefs, Editor

On October 1, the girls varsity soccer team honored their teachers at halftime during their game against South Hagerstown. The girls won 7-0. This was the seventh win of the season, 7-2-1.

The girls honored their teachers at half-time, as the teachers joined them on the field. The girls handed them the personalized gift bags they decorated. Each bag was filled with little goodies like pens, pencils, candy, and gift cards. Each player added their own special gifts inside for their teacher.

Mr. Lake enjoys the Pi socks that his student Olivia Hilke got for him.

The reason the girl’s soccer team holds Teacher Appreciation night is that they are student-athletes; student comes first. Teachers are a tremendous resource that help athletes manage both school and sports. Teachers lead and push students to be the best and achieve their highest goals.

Most students do not believe they can do much, but teachers see their endless potential.

“In addition to getting a lot of soccer tutoring from Mr. Lastova, our group was very proud of each girl who nominated us.  I kept shouting at Sammie as she was playing.  It was really exciting to be a part of this.  And, the gift shirts are super cool,” said Mrs. Rebetsky.

The girls contacted any teacher that they feel have influenced them or touched their lives. Several teachers from elementary and middle school were selected.

It was a great way to build a crowd, too.  At the end of the game, all of the crowd celebrated with cake.

“It was a great night to have different viewers come and watch, especially our teachers so they can see what we work hard on outside of school,” said captain Taylor Ferguson.

courtesy of Tom Ferguson
Sammie Hoefs celebrates Mrs. Natalie Rebetsky for Teacher Appreciation night.

The following teachers were recognized:

Mr. Kyle Barnette, History (Abby Rieland)

Mrs. Samantha Karstens, Math (Alexis Duda)

Mrs. Mary Ellen Newcomb, English (Allison Gagne)

Mrs. Jamie Hendi, History (Anna Choudary)

Mr. Mark Lastova, Career and Tech (Bailey Bennett)

Mrs. Valerie Riley, Science (Brooke Bennett)

Ms. Jessica Baker, Science (Colleen Avilla)

Mrs. Rachael Easterday, Physical Education, (Fiona Rowan)

Mr. Tony Freeman, 5th grade (Josie Beezel)

Mr. Sonny Joseph, Physical Education (Juliana Zeller)

Mrs. Lori Yammarino, 5th grade (Karlee Duda)

Mrs. Dragana Blonder, French (Madyson Hill)

Ms. Durann Ecalono, Chemistry (Megan Reeseman)

Mrs. Lori Saylor, Enrichment Specialist (Meghan Mong-Kerwin)

Ms. Melissa Hersey, English (Nora Salter)

Mr. Daniel Lake, Math (Olivia Hilke)

Mr. Ryan Grove, History (Ryan Anderson)

Mrs. Natalie Rebetsky, Journalism (Sammie Hoefs)

Mr. Mario Gaetani, Math (Taylor Ferguson)