Sophie Kirschner, the super-artist



graphic by Nicole Muller

Sophie the Super-artist poses next to one of her superhero graphics.

by Nicole Muller and Savannah Sitler

From superheros, beautiful portraits, and even mermaids, Sophie Kirschner, Class of 2018, has conquered it all. She has had a taste of nearly all of the art classes offered and has explored many different types of crafts. 

As long as Kirschner can remember, she has been fascinated by illustrators and art. She’s taken an art elective ever since she’s had the opportunity, from Ceramics to Visual Arts to Computer Graphics.

After school Kirschner works a steady job at Little Travelers’ daycare in Mt. Airy and maintaining high grades. Her hobby, drawing, she calls her “second job.”

Kirshner’s mother, Kelli Green, said, “I’m proud of the way Sophie sees the world. She takes her time with her art, and, often, little details offer insight to her thinking.”

Kirshner shares that her favorite piece she has ever done is of a girl, who is partly painted in warm colors and partly painted in cool colors on the other half. What a cool idea!

While it is deliberately incomplete, viewers cannot simply brush off the fact that this painting is certainly done with the poise and skill of an artist who values her work. 

Music is a source of inspiration to Kirschner. “I used to listen to music and doodle what the song felt like. It was as if the song was leaking onto the paper,” she said. The music would then be reflected in her artwork. If the song was sad, so was the art. If is was happy or upbeat, so was the art.

Kirschner’s favorite style of art is pop art, where she typically draws Marvel characters, occasionally popping out with some of her own superhero sketches.

Ms. Tracy Bozzonetti, Kirschner’s Computer Graphics 1 teacher, said that Kirschner is “talented. She created a lovely landscape that turned out very nicely… I hope that she will have a future with her art one day.”

Kirschner’s artistic ability even stretches to the makeup she wears in the morning. Kirschner said that she is completely and totally obsessed with her lipstick. She blends the cosmetics together to make the color of her desire. Everyday the shade of her lips match the outfit she is wearing. Currently, she owns more than 30 tubes of lipstick; her collection is forever growing.

Kirschner has also participated in Color Guard since her seventh grade year. In her freshman year she became a tech for the junior guard, which is similar to being an assistant instructor. The instructors of 2016 Junior Color Guard are Mariah Purtee and Kathryn Dusell.

Julia Strathman, Class of 2017 and a friend of Kirschner, said that “[Kirschner] is a very friendly person… She’s very likable and really cares about what is important to her… She’s always quick to help out at school or with her friends.”

Hopefully, in a few years to come, Kirschner will be drawing out her future as a successful artist.