Bremer earns Lastova’s PLTW Engineer of the Year Award


courtesy of Mallory Odorzynski

Claudia Bremer in Guatemala City, Guatemala, playing with children at Latin American Childcare schools.

by Bailey Davis, Reporter

Claudia Bremer may one day be the pediatric neurosurgeon operating on your child’s brain or the engineer designing a prosthetic leg for a wounded soldier. She is a member of the Class of 2019 and has earned recognition in all of her classes.

“I think the school should know that Claudia absolutely has a lot to offer our community. She is bright, and very hardworking. She is also a compassionate student; she spent much of her time in class helping others, both in terms of academics and in their day to day lives. Claudia can be counted on to do what is needed and even goes above what is required of her. She puts her heart into everything that she does and it shows with the quality of her work,” said her Spanish teacher, Mr. Jake Snow.

In her freshman year, Bremer was awarded the Engineer of the Year Award, an award to show achievement in Mr. Lastova’s class for the Project Lead The Way program.

“I am proud of myself for receiving the award because I worked really hard to do my best in his class. There were times when I was frustrated, but I worked through it,” Bremer said.  She also received a very high score on the national exam, due to her remarkable performance in IED.

Bremer’s IED teacher, Mr. Mark Lastova, said “Claudia is a fantastic student. She did a phenomenal job in IED. A lot of times, I would use her projects as demos for other students.”

But her strong work ethic isn’t just limited to her impressive work in her engineering class, Bremer has also shown an excellent execution of work in each and every one of her classes. She received the Platinum Award for a 4.0 GPA throughout all of her freshman year.

“Claudia has always been a student who works hard and never tires from doing her best effort. In my class we had an immersion program (meaning we exclusively spoke in Spanish) and Claudia always did her best to understand classroom content. She participates whole heartedly and is very engaged,” said Snow.

Bremer has shown exceptional performance inside of school academically, but there is more to her character. Many other people see her as a compassionate hero, or rather, Una Heroína Compassiva.

In the summer of 2016, Bremer traveled 3,000 miles to the impoverished outskirts of Guatemala City, Guatemala, for a mission trip, helping with children at Latin American Childcare schools, as well as cleaning and painting the classrooms.

She and her group also installed water filters through Hope 21, an organization that delivers clean water through water filters to people all around the world in desperate need.

The missionary group that Bremer had gone with also spent a day in Antigua, which she said was “a great cultural experience,” where they visited the markets and the coffee plantation.

Bremer is very passionate about two career ideas. She would one day like to become an engineer who designs prosthetic body parts, but she also dreams of being a pediatric surgeon who performs cardiothoracic surgeries on the heart or neurosurgery operating on the brain.

After high school, Bremer plans to attend FCC for two years to earn credits for her basic courses, then intends to go to a medical or technical school, depending on which career path she chooses.

“I definitely think that if Claudia pursues a career involving the PLTW courses then she will be very successful. She is potentially a great engineer,” said Lastova.

Snow said, “I absolutely believe Claudia should be a Lancer of the Week. I can’t think of any other student who better embodies the goals of our school, who strives more for her education and enlightenment.”