Haley Stone struts her stuff on the runway



courtesy of Haley Stone

Haley performs her solo at Prime Time competition.

by Lily Weaver, Reporter

Imagine a long line of high kicking Rockettes on stage at Radio City Music Hall. Class of 2019 member, Haley Stone, can see herself in that line and has begun her journey toward professional dance and modeling.

Stone is working towards living in NYC and being on runway booking modeling jobs. Being a dancer at Savage Dance Company and a model at Curtain Call will help her achieve her goals. 

Stone has been dancing since she learned to walk. She takes many classes including tap, jazz, ballet, heels, hip hop, contemporary, and musical theater.

Alex Tyler, dance teacher at Savage, says, “Haley loves what she does, and you can see it in her dancing. She is a great team member. She’s dedicated, confident, and helpful.”

“My favorite part of dancing is competing all over the East Coast. I also like that it keeps me in shape, and, most importantly, my dance teammates at Savage are basically my family.”

Dance teammate, Melina Meraklis, says, “Haley is a very good dancer and uses a lot of power. Her energy on stage is amazing.”

Along with dancing, Stone has been modeling for a year at Curtain Call. Stone wants to continue modeling to help her achieve another goal of being on the runway someday. 

My favorite part of modeling is getting my hair and makeup done and having fun in front of the camera,” says Stone.

Stone is currently in SGA (Student Government Association), FCA (Future Christian Athletes), and Class of 2019 club. Stone keeps her grades up by doing her homework and studying when she’s not on stage or in front of the camera.

Her favorite class is Child Development. “I love teaching the preschoolers. They always make my day!” says Stone.

Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Michelle Richardson.

Michelle Richardson says “She works really hard in class, and she wants to do well.”

After high school, Stone hopes to go to college at Towson University or the University of Central Florida. Either school Stone chooses, she wants to be on the dance team and continue her dancing career. 

Stone hopes to be a part of the Linganore Poms team and to be a part of academic honor societies to help her in the future.

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