Flutist Katsumoto, more than a melody


Erika Katsumoto, the girl farthest to the right, stands with the Frederick Youth Flute Choir that she is a part of.

Frederick Youth Flute Choir

Erika Katsumoto, the girl farthest to the right, stands with the Frederick Youth Flute Choir that she is a part of.

by Emily Reed, Editor

Since fourth grade, Erika Katsumoto has been playing the flute. Six years later, she is still pursuing her passion.

She is a part of Linganore’s concert band and second semester symphonic band. Outside of school, she is involved in the woodwind ensemble at Hood College, Frederick Youth Flute Choir, and All-County band.

“She has earned first chair in All-County Band as a freshman and sophomore, which is impressive and very rare,” said band director Kevin Lloyd.

When Lloyd saw Katsumoto play for the first time, he was immediately impressed by her excellent technique and intonation for someone who was only in ninth-grade.

Over the years, Lloyd has noticed improvements in this stellar musician. “She has improved significantly in her musicality, which means that she is playing with better expression,” said Lloyd.

Her passion for playing the flute hasn’t ceased, and she doesn’t think it will anytime soon. “In college, I don’t know if I’ll be a music major, but I still want to play the flute,” said Katsumoto.

Along with being a zealous flutist, Erika is on the swim team and participates in many clubs. Specifically, she is a member of the Class of 2019, SGA, and GSA.While not a member yet, she looks forward to joining the Spanish Honor Society next semester. She was in HPA last year and would continue being apart of the club if it didn’t conflict with SGA.

“Erika is always willing to drop everything and help when we need her the most because she cares about the projects SGA organizes, “ said Beau Cameron, a member of the SGA and the school’s FCASC representative.

“My favorite community service projects we’ve done so far are the annual Egg Nog Jog and the Breast Cancer Fundraisers in November. It’s great that we try to get the whole school involved and not limit our service projects to the SGA,” said Katsumoto.

Katsumoto uses her work ethic and enthusiasm for swimming and service when she coaches the Windsor Knolls Wahoos Swim Team. She is in charge of the four and five-year-olds during the summer for this community swim team.

“It sounds so cliché, but I love it when all the little kids are getting better, and they look so happy about it. They’re precious!” said Katsumoto.

Whether she is coaching a swim team, playing the flute, or fundraising, Katsumoto is always trying to improve her community in every way possible.

courtesy of Frederick Regional Youth Orchestra
Erika Katsumoto, the fifth person from the farthest left, plays alongside the Maryland Symphony Orchestra with the Frederick Regional Youth Orchestra.