It’s Time to call foul and teach Grayson Allen a lesson

by Matthew Gelhard, Reporter

Grayson Allen, a sophomore basketball player at Duke University, has been caught using foul play in his first two years. He has been accused of changing tempos and outcomes in games by engaging in heated shouting matches and even physical altercation such as tripping and grabbing of other players. Duke Basketball removed Allen from his captaincy and suspended him for one game.

Duke University has a long history of winning under Coach Krzyzewski and winning the NCAA Champion, most kids who want to go play basketball in college would have Duke as a dream college. However, Allen’s actions are not representing the University or sportsmanship. His penalties should be much more steep to teach all that cheating is not acceptable.

Even one trip or rule violation is magnified on social media and television thousands of times over and over, imprinting into the minds of viewers. The rapid spread of dirty play, and irregular  acts are introduced and then imitated by other basketball players. There is always the possibility of causing permanent harm or potentially career ending injury.

This event is just another example of the constant problem in many sports, not just in basketball and not just Grayson Allen. In American football, there are incidents like aiming for the head and targeting other players just for beef. In baseball, there is cleating while one is sliding into a base or even the pitcher aiming for the batter.

This adds politics, aggression, and stress to sports.  By the time that the chaos is over, players forget what sporting is. The word “Sport” comes from the Old French word “desport”  meaning “leisure”. This is a relaxing activity to entertain the participants and observers. Another definition is a person who behaves in a good or specified way in response to teasing, defeat, or a similarly trying situation. The games are peaceful competitions to seek a winner. However, some use other methods to become a winner of the game, while they lose the purpose of trying to win.

Working hard to be talented enough to play at the highest level of competitive sports also makes one take on many responsibilities. These sportsmen are heroes to children and adults. the main goal is keep adapting the game that was first created better for everyone and have fun doing it. One solution to these violations is to give three strikes, after a third violation the player should be suspended indefinitely.

No matter if a player is in high school, college, or even in professional sports, that player should be setting a precedent for anyone that steps foot on a field or court.

What these talented players are showing in their field is what will be remembered.

“Leave it better than you found it.” is what is said after you leave a bench or dugout to retrieve the trash in the area and disposed it. As funny as it may sound, it’s the lesson needed to be taught to our generation and generations long after.