Lancer Media sweeps the Frederick News Post awards: Photo of the Day 4/29/17


Principal Nancy Doll celebrates Lancer Media’s awards

by Brandon Cooper, Editor

Sylvia Nelson
On April 26, 2017, Lancer Media went on a trip to The Frederick News-PostThere they swept the annual award ceremony; winning 28 awards total. Winning the most awards out of the whole county which earned them the Sweepstakes Award.

Every year The Frederick News-Post is generous enough to host an award ceremony for the student journalist throughout the county. The students are individually given awards in 17 different categories and one school will get an award for “Best Website”. Some of the categories include Best Continuing Coverage, Best Feature Story, Best Profile Story, Best Editorial on an Issue, and others. Whichever school has the most awards will take the Sweepstakes Award.

Sixteen students won first, second, third, or Honorable mention in the 17 categories and Lancer Media as a whole won second place for the Best Website.

Lily Weaver along with Grace Weaver won first place for Best Continuing Coverage, Jacob Bolger took second place for the same category. First place for Best Feature Story was Sydney Rossman, coming in right behind her was Bailey Davis who won second place. Best Profile Story had a tie for second place between Emily Reed and Savannah Stifler and Kelsey Ward. Linganore swept the Best Column on an Education Subject, having Grace Weaver win first, Beau Cameron winning second and Emily Reed achieving third. Best Column on a State or National Subject was won by Grace Gaydosh with Katie Lehman coming in second.

Nicole Muller scooped up the third place spot for Best Humor Story. Best Review of Music, TV show or Movie was won by Emily Reed with Mallory Maher as the runner-up and Lily Weaver and Mallory getting Honorable mention. Grace Brooks won third place for Best Sports Story. Grace Weaver won her fourth award by winning third place for Best Sports Feature. Second Place for Best News Photography was won by Cassie Harris. Kelsey Ward won second place for her News Paper layout. The Skip Lawrence Excellence in Feature Photography third place award was won by Cassie Harris. For the final award given to individuals, Best Online Storytelling Package, first place was won by Tory Spruill, second place was Madison Reeley and Sydney Rossman and for honorable mention, Alex Ismael.

Along with being the only distinguished SNO site in Frederick County, Lancer Media swept all other competition during this award ceremony.