Juniors chosen for internship at the National Cancer Institute: Photo of the Day 5/25/17

Evan Hooper, Madison Reeley, and Patrick Stalnaker pose by the wall

Courtesy of Madison Reeley

Evan Hooper, Madison Reeley, and Patrick Stalnaker pose by the wall

by Cindy Zheng, Reporter

Evan Hooper, Madison Reeley, and Patrick Stalnaker were notified on April 21 about their acceptance at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) as a paid interns. 

Before receiving the acceptance email from the institute, the three had a rigorous application process. This included an essay which covered a brief overview of what they hoped to learn from the internship along with transcripts and two teacher recommendations.

“I was very surprised when I got my internship, and I really appreciate the opportunity to work for a doctor in a field that I am interested in,” Hooper said. His time at NCI will consist of making experiments and learning how to take samples for biochemical and biophysical analysis.

Reeley will be a part of the “dry” lab, working in public relations. Her responsibilities include researching, analyzing and reporting which will take place in a lab at the NCI’s headquarters in Frederick. “I plan on going into the medical field so, from this experience I hope to get some insight before I actually enter,” she said.

Stalnaker will be managing the part of the NCI network and computers. He said, “It felt amazing to have gotten the e-mail, but I’m also nervous about how my plans will turn out for the summer.”

Before they begin working as interns, they will have to go attend a safety training meeting during school hours. The internship will throughout the summer and the 2017-2018 school year.