Drama club inducts officers for 2017-2018: Photo of the Day 5/17/17

by Christian Nolan, Reporter

The drama club chose new officers for next year. These individuals are taking the roles that graduating seniors held the entire year. As getting picked though, comes a big responsibility.

Students are hand-picked by drama teacher Mrs. Angela Smithhisler.

Here are the roles, and the students were picked to lead them.

President- Christian Howard, Junior

Vice President- Rozmia Fattah, Junior

Secretary- Presley Dougherty, Sophomore

Treasurer- Hannah Haught, Junior

Publicist- Macy Armagost, Sophomore

Historian- Samantha Buntman, Junior

Tech Historian- Sarah Jamison, Junior

With the seniors leaving, they are going to be leaving a legacy.

Smithhisler, who is completing her first semester teaching drama,  said, “I have loved the knowledge and enthusiasm that the seniors have brought this year. They really helped keep this program afloat after Mr. Lazarus announced last year that he was leaving. The Drama Club seniors helped to make sure we still had people auditioning and participating in the performing arts, even when they barely knew me as a teacher!”

Jamison said, “I’m really excited about it. Theater is something I’m really passionate about, and I’m honored to be involved in its leadership in any way, shape, or form. It’s scary to lose guidance of this year’s seniors who have worked so hard and taught everyone so much, but the newly-elected officers are such a great mix of students from both the technical and acting sides of our department. I feel we can continue successes of our own.”

This year’s spring musical, The Addams Family, was a hit and has created momentum for next year.