Dance class shimmies and shakes through a new semester: Photo of the Day 2/3/17


Beau Cameron

Kelly Stouffer, Kelsey Ward, and Marlee Steig perform to for the dance class.

by Beau Cameron, Managing Editor

For the intermediate and advanced dance classes, Mrs. Angela Smithhisler posed a challenge inspired by So You Think You Can Dance?: “I gave them a mystery iPod with a mystery song on it,” said Smithhisler. “They had to choreograph at least two minutes in any style or get extra credit for doing the entire song. I sent them off with two days to practice before the performance.”

Sam Iori, Kelly Stouffer, Morgan Mathews, Connol Wright, Jessica Steed, Kelsey Ward, Ani Boghossian-James, Alyssa Yamarino, Marlee Steig, and Lexi Watson all participated in the challenge.

Steig, Watson, and Stouffer performed a jazz dance to Frank Sinatra’s “You make me feel so young.” Steig said, “It was really fun getting the chance to choreograph a dance and perform it with my friends.”

“I think they did really well. Without any teacher guidance, they were able to come up with very unified dances. They included a lot of tricks, and the styles they chose made sense. Overall I was very impressed,” said Smithhisler.

In January 2016, Angela Smithhisler was hired as the new drama and dance teacher. The previous instructor, Julian Lazarus, moved to teach at Urbana High School’s theater department.

Last semester, Smithhisler taught Modern World History and Government, but this spring she is with the drama department. Smithhisler is very upbeat when tackling this new role, but still, manages to keep it professional.

Smithhisler said, “Transitioning between departments has been strange because I’m used to the very curriculum driven social studies course. Now I’m working in more artistic, free-spirited classes. It’s been a big change, but the students have been very supportive and I enjoy working with them.”

Smithhisler has some other fun activities for the rest of the semester including Fitness Fast Food Stations Challenge, and a Healthy Eating Party.