Creative writing club hosts new writing parties- Come out and create: Photo of the Day 3/24/17


courtesy of Emily Reed

Gus Gazelle and Sarah Buckley focus hard on editing during the club’s Writing party.

by Beau Cameron , Managing Editor

On March 24th, the Creative Writing Club hosted their second monthly writing party. Created by the club’s president, Beau Cameron, the writing party gives student writers a time to write and edit with their peers.

The club’s new adviser, Mr. Daniel Lake, said “I wanted the club to be run by the members. I figured that it should just be a place to, simply put, write and be creative”

The group has begun working to get other students involved. All Linganore students interested in writing are encouraged to join the club at their monthly meetings on club day or at the writing party each month.

Sarah Buckley, Class of 2019, said, “Writing parties are a great source of inspiration and really create a welcoming environment where I can get advice on my writing. It’s motivating too, because it’s time dedicated to writing.”

At the next writing party, Cameron plans to offer a prompt to the writers as a way of jump-starting the creative process. Students will not be required to follow the prompt suggestion.

“The club has helped me write more. I can get my work edited, get advice from my peers, or just brainstorm. The experience is very relaxing and fun,” said Buckley.

Students are encouraged to submit any writing or artwork to [email protected] to be posted on the school’s literary magazine, The Watermark.