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Student band “jacket” signed by UMD recording studio

jacket. at UMD

jacket. at UMD

courtesy of Jackson Knight

courtesy of Jackson Knight

jacket. at UMD

by Brandon Cooper, Editor

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In July 2016, the band “jacket.” was officially formed. Linganore students Jackson Knight and Nick Belski are one half of the band. The other members are Linganore alumni Bryce Watson and Middletown student Cosimo Tauraso.

jacket. is an alternative, indie rock band that has performed at places like UMD and the Otto Bar in Baltimore, where the band sold over 40 tickets. This spring they were signed by Terrapin Record Label and have been in the studio several weekends. The label held a competition to see who would be the first band signed to the student run label and jacket. won. The students running the label help produce the music and music videos.

Currently the band has finished their first single, “Sugar”. This will be one of five songs on their EP, “Sugar on Blue Days.” The band predicts the EP will be on iTunes and Spotify in June.

“My favorite thing about jacket. is creating our own music to strike a certain nerve in people or evoke a feeling. Sentiment is something we try to keep consistent in all of our songs,” said Knight.

Knight is the lead singer with Watson on bass and backup vocals. Tauraso plays lead guitar and Belski is on drums.

Knight is the common thread in the band. Knight and Belski have been playing together since sixth grade and have been life-long friends. Tauraso knew Knight, but they grew apart until they were reunited when Knight’s uncle, Danny Knight, started cutting Cosimo’s hair. Watson was a part of Linganore’s jazz ensemble last year along with Knight.

Knight writes most of the lyrics with the help of some ideas from Tauraso. The music itself is a group effort; each member puts in their own part and style to the music.

“Short term I’d like to finish the EP… big picture I’d like to do full albums and go on tour,” said Tauraso.

Upcoming Performance:

May 6 @ Rock the Row in College Park 


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Student band “jacket” signed by UMD recording studio