Flicker Album Review: Niall Horan produces first acoustic solo album


by Lindsey Russo, Reporter

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Ever since Niall Horan’s new album Flicker came out, it has been playing on repeat on my phone. Niall Horan was previously a part of One Direction until they took a “break,” which eventually turned into a complete split.

One Direction had been together for five years and became famous on X-Factor. Each member auditioned separately, but they were then put in a boy band together. One Direction broke six Guinness World Records and was one of the most successful boy bands ever.  

The Guinness World Records record keepers announced the group’s six honors and they awarded them for their ability to sell albums by attracting followers on Twitter.

Flicker rose to Number One on Billboard’s 200 album chart, He became the third member of the group to get a number one album, following Zayn Malik (Mind of Mine in 2016) and Harry Styles (Harry Styles, released earlier in 2017.)

Horan’s album sold 152,000 copies in its first week of release.

He has received the People’s Choice, Teen Choice, Radio Disney Music, iHeartRadio, iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards, and American Music Awards in 2017.

This is his first major album as a solo artist. Flicker contains 13 tracks. One of the songs, “This Town,” was released in September 2016 and gave his fans a sneak peek of the future.

On iTunes, his top five songs on the album are “This Town,” “On the Loose,” “Too Much to Ask,” “Seeing Blind,” and “Flicker.” I really like these songs because they are different from other artists and Niall Horan has always been a talented singer. I hope he makes more songs and keeps doing what he has been doing. 

This Town” is the most popular song on the album because it was released last year. Niall said he was inspired by a particular place, and that it’s not necessarily about anyone in particular.

“Everything comes back to you,” the main lyric of the song, shows how he feels about the song. 

About the song he said, “I still go home all the time, no matter how far you traveled you still get to go home and be yourself. And then it’s obviously got that female aspect, and that it’s not about anyone.”

I like “This Town” because it’s very calm and sounds like a love song. It shows a lot of emotion and feelings.

On the Loose” is the second most popular song. It was released on the album and the first time he performed it was at a San Diego Radio Concert. The song is like a dance-friendly song and Horan wants to show that he can make shimmering pop like anyone else.

Too Much to Ask” is a song that teenagers assume it is about a girl. According to Niall, it’s “very special” and it’s his favorite on the album because it stands out. “I had this concept for the song, kinda like holding onto something that’s really not there anymore,” Horan said to SiriusXM Hits 1’s morning show.

Seeing Blind” is a collaboration with Maren Morris. Horan, a fan of Morris, emailed her saying he could use a love song singer and Morris agreed. They have chemistry together, and she will be joining Horan on his Flicker World Tour in 2018.

In “Flicker, Niall Horan confessed that he poured his heart out in the solo debut song.

Niall Horan spent about a year and a half working on this album according to one of his tweets. “It’s something that I’ve worked hard on and I’m incredibly proud of it. This is the first time I’ve put my thoughts and emotions on paper and then onto record and it feels really good.” Horan said.

A majority of his songs are acoustic which is what Horan is known for since everyone knows he’s a guitarist. A few of his songs however, are pop which adds a nice contrast to the album. 

I personally think that Horan’s album is great and I hope that he will create a lot more music in the future. I like that his album is able to show his voice more than he did in One Direction and that he expresses himself more while being a solo artist.I have been a fan ever since he’s been on X-Factor and I am really happy that he is becoming so successful.