LHSsees2020: Sarah Roerty gallops her way up to Stevenson University

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Sarah Roerty will be galloping her way to Stevenson Univeristy next year. She plans to major in Biochemistry and would like to become a doctor or physical therapist one day.

Roerty has realized that as biochemistry major, she will have loads of homework. With this she has decided that she doesn’t want rush into any other commitments. “I don’t want to join anything right from the start, but I know it will ended up happening.”

Roerty is one of the lucky few athletes who will continue playing a sport in college. Sarah has been playing lacrosse for all of her life, and she has watched multiple interviews with Stevenson’s coach, Kathy Railey. “She seems like someone who I want as a coach. She is really nice. I like her.”

Roerty is going to miss all of the sporting events here at Linganore, but is happy to be playing a sport at Stevenson. Stevenson’s record this year is 9-8 and Roerty hopes to improve it even more.

Roerty will be rooming with Mallory Davila, her teammate. She will have the opportunity to not only to make a connection on the field, but also off the field.

Sarah is a twin at Linagnore and will be moving away from her best friend and sister for the first time next year.

“I’m so sad. We’ve always shared a room and been together. We’ve been attached at the hip ever since we’ve been born. It will definitely be an adjustment.”

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