Lancer of the Week: Dana Kullgren


Bridget Murphy

Dana Kullgren (far left) enjoys her time at Harry Potter Alliance club.

by Bridget Murphy, Editor

Class of 2020 member, Dana Kullgren, is a Lancer who deserves to be recognized. Kullgren is involved in the Gay Straight Alliance and the Harry Potter Alliance. In Harry Potter Alliance, Dana is a proud member of Ravenclaw.

Good friend, Elizabeth Anderson, said, “Some people may see her as ‘nerdy’ because she isn’t much of a talker in class and she raises her hand a lot to say answers, but she’ll talk to anybody and she’ll help anybody, in need and overall she is a very caring person.”

Kullgren enjoys reading novels and comic books, sketching, playing guitar and occasionally watching the Star Wars movies. She is an avid worker throughout her community by doing volunteer work at the library and being a member of Girl Scouts. When she is old enough to get a job, she hopes to work at the library.

Kullgren is known for her ‘best qualities’ of self-confidence and respect. She strives to achieve good grades in all of her classes and works hard to maintain them.

Class of 2020 member, Allyson Sniffen, says that Kullgren “is always so considerate of everyone around her.”

Kullgren recognized Ms. Jamie Hendi as her favorite teacher. Showing her love for learning, Kullgren said French is her favorite class because “I love learning new languages and it is fascinating to me.” Class of 2020 member, Juliana Zeller says that Kullgren is “really smart and will talk to anyone.”

Kullgren wants to join the Robotics team, the French Honor Society and/or the Science Honor Society.

Congratulate Dana on being our Lancer of the Week!

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