National & Global Issues: Should this class be required?


Victoria Rock

National & Global Issues class discussing concerns around the candidate for Chief Strategist.

by Victoria Rock, Reporter

Many young men and women don’t watch the news often, leaving them clueless as to what is happening around them. National and Global Issues class gives us students a chance to study and develop an understanding of the daily news and key issues around the world. With studying these issues, comes new awareness, activity citizenship and a sense of responsibility and acceptance of others’ points of view, especially those who are different from us.

As a student in National and Global Issues class, I feel this class should be required. I have learned so much. The most important thing I have learned from this class is the understanding of different opinions. Each and every thing I have learned I have taken home with me. The opinions I have generated have caused discussion at home, allowing my parents and friends to see my more mature self, and they respond to my new adult opinions.

I started this class not knowing really what is going on in the world. I’m only 12 weeks into the class, and I’ve dived so deep into the news, farther than I’ve ever expected I would. For example, starting the class we were taught how important the news and history is using music. We were given songs explaining the importance of history and news to the people who have written the songs (“Dream,” “Sunday, Bloody Sunday,” “Pinch Me,” and “New York Minute“).

After that, we were able to choose the subjects we would like to study, allowing us to study our interests as a class. This year students chose to study the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria as their first unit.

By the end of this semester I know I’ll feel like a completely different person because the transformation has already started.  I think we need to know more about this elective choice when students are signing up for classes.  

As a senior, Class of 2017, I feel this class made a major impact on my views towards every subject making me think… Should all upperclassmen take this class before they get pushed out into the adult world? It is a good idea to have background in government and the modern world, but this class focuses on what is happening today, here and now, while including past, present, and future views.

Students who have taken this class are better consumers of the news. This class allows our own views to be a part of the discussion, rather than offering just what the teacher thinks. Having more opinions in the classroom makes me feel comfortable allowing me to have the courage to keep asking questions.

Angela Wilson, Class of 2017, said, “Mr. Hornbeck, having been to other countries, does affect the way he teaches.” Hornbeck has been to Turkmenistan, Jordan, and the borders of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Uzbekistan.

Cyra Golwalla, Class of 2017, also agrees. Golwalla said, “His [Hornbeck’s] past experience really helps with discussion and he really seems like he knows what he is talking about”.

Overall, this class has not just changed me as a person. It’s changed many of us students allowing us to develop an understanding and heightened sense of responsibility and an open, developed mind.