SGA sponsors blood drive: Photo of the Day 4/28/16


Sylvia Nelson

Tara Jordan (pink), Josh Watson (white) and Sean Herrara (red) wait to give blood.

SGA advisor  Jeremy Brown and his team of SGA students organized today’s Red Cross Blood Drive. The Blood Drive is a great way to help the community by giving blood to people who need it.

Mr. Brown said, “The Blood Drive had a nice turn out this time.”

Junior Tara Jordan, who is a first time giver, is excited about giving blood. She says, “It’s for a good cause.” In fact, according to the Red Cross, one pint of blood will help many, and “approximately 36,000 units of red blood cells are needed every day in the U.S.”

Sophomore Josh Watson had a good two meals last night to prepare for the Blood Drive, which he thinks will help him not pass out. Watson thinks the Blood Drive is “a good way to help people.” It is also his first time giving blood.

Senior Sean Herrara gave for his seventh time since he was eligible and thinks that giving blood is an interesting way to help the community. He is happy to report that he has never had side effects.