Picture of the Day 5/6/16: Last Minute Mother’s Day


Anne Cameron

Horticulture students Emily Cavell and Martina Soaper create bouquets for Mother’s Day.

by Beau Cameron, Editor

Most weekends, students have the chance to put away their school books and kick back with friends. It’s the time to chill at home and relax before going back to school.

However this Sunday on May 8th, is Mother’s Day.  Are you panicking?  

(Don’t worry, so am I.)

However, if you’re scrambling to find a jewelry store that won’t clean out your wallet or a flower shop that can deliver in less than a day, you don’t have to. Most moms prefer thoughtful gifts over expensive ones!

Linganore instructor and mother Mary Ellen Newcomb says, “Anybody can buy something to give somebody as a gift. If you’ve really thought through what I like, even if it’s just something you bought at The Dollar Store, but you really know I like it, then it means so much more to me. It means you spent time thinking about it.”

If you need an idea for a nice Mother’s day gift (that you can do in less than a day,) here are some inexpensive and thoughtful things to do for your mom.

  • Make her a Mother’s day meal. In most households, mom cooks all the time. Give her the night off by making her dinner for a change. Allison Partner, Linganore teacher and mother of one says, “I don’t enjoy cooking a whole lot so anytime someone cooks for me, I love it.” Click here to find 55 recipes that can be made in a mere 30 minutes. 
  • If you happen to have an artistic touch, paint your mom a picture. Grab a handful of art supplies and start blending sunsets or oceans or whatever she’s into. If you take the time to make her something, she’ll love it for sure.
  • Have a bunch of embarrassing childhood or family photos that your mother refuses to get rid of lying around the house? Find a binder and make your mom a scrapbook of memories. Not only is it totally adorable, but they’re pretty easy to make. And she can add to it in the years to come! You can find the beginner’s scrap-booking guide here.
  • Clean the house. This one you’ve probably already thought of yourself. In most traditional families, moms do a lot of the cleaning. Give her a break by cleaning the whole house. I don’t mean just tidy up your room, I mean clean everything.
  • Make her a personalized Mother’s Day poster. You may have to buy the frame, (The Dollar Store has a ton for, you guessed it, a dollar!) but you print out a poster detailing a mom “definition” or another cute mom inspired poster. You can find the website to make these perfect posters here.
  • Frame a Mother’s Day inspired poem. (Frames again can be purchased at The Dollar Store.) You can find some lovely poems that your mom is sure to love on this website.
  • SPEND TIME WITH HER!!!! If you weren’t already planning to do this, shame on you! Watch a movie with her, go shopping, garden, do whatever she wants to do! Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate everything she does for you. She shouldn’t be celebrating alone.

Newcomb is a mother of two children in their 30’s. She says, “Since my children are adults, and they have busy lives, spending time with them is my favorite present. I don’t need any one thing except time.”

Your mom does a lot for you so this Mother’s Day, do something special for her.