Mock Trial team argues but loses to Brunswick in latest trial


Grace Weaver

Mock Trial before heading out to the Frederick County Courthouse Starting from the top left: Maria Pellicier, Hugh Norko, and Garrett Gillespie. From the bottom left: Ryan Stark, Sofia Schuller, and Patrick Conboy.

by Grace Weaver, Reporter

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Linganore’s Mock Trial club was up against Brunswick Wednesday, Feb. 24th, but was unable to claim victory.

The court case this year is very similar to the Brown case that was in the news recently. The defense team is trying to prove that the Officer Grey is not guilty for the death of Michael Case. A local judge presides over the event.

There are four trials throughout the year before playoffs, including teams that argue the prosecution and defense. This was the first round of playoffs for Linganore.

The defense team has three lawyers and three witnesses. They’ve had many after school practices to prepare. The lawyers have to come up with questions that will poke holes in the other team’s case.  Mock trial witnesses have to memorize all of the answers and be familiar with their affidavits so that they don’t trip up on questions from the other side.

Social studies teacher, Mrs. Jamie Hendi, a former lawyer herself, has been preparing the team since October.

In the match Maria Pellicer opened up the case while Hugh Norko made the closing remarks.