Sophomores get ready for class rings: Photo of the Day 9/21/15


Katie Lehman

Tom Orme talks to students about class rings.

by Katie Lehman, Reporter

Jostens is a company that has been making class jewelry for over a century, and this week sophomores attended an assembly to learn about purchasing high school class rings, a rite of passage for some.

“Your class ring commemorates your time in high school,” Tom Orme, the LHS representative for Jostens, told the students.  The rings can be customized in many different ways to symbolize what a student accomplished in their four years of high school.

There are many different styles of rings. When designing the rings students can choose the style, the gemstone, what’s on the sides, the type of metal, and the finish. This includes deciding the type of cut in the gemstone and inside engravings.

A new design that is now available for the rings is the camo cast, it may not appeal to everyone but some people will enjoy it.

Students received their ring packets on the way out of the assembly. Tom Orme said, “I would highly recommend going on to order because it’s much easier.”

The order days are September 24th and 25th outside the cafeteria. There will also be samples to look at and try on during those two days.

Rings also have free insurance for four years, and students can buy an additional six years for $20.00. The insurance includes free resizing, free cleaning, and free refinishing. The insurance also allows students to get a new ring it a ring is lost or stolen.

Some students were interested in the class rings. “There were a lot of options. It shows the journey of high school,”said Madeline Cindric.

Joshua Watson said, “The videos they showed were inspiring.”

But not all students want a class ring.  They are expensive, ranging from $100 – $400.