NEHS & Mu Alpha Theta hold first annual scavenger hunt: Photo of the Day 2/12/15


Natalie Rebetsky

Madeline Wodaski and Rhiannon Wiland work together to solve a clue.

by Olivia Goldstein, Editor

On February 12, members of the National English Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta participated in their first annual joint scavenger hunt. Nine teams of two or three students competed in a scavenger hunt in order to win Regal Cinema gift cards and pizza.  The winning team cracked th codes in just over 30 minutes.

Each team was given an initial clue and a starting location. The object was to determine the next room number based on a clue containing three parts. For the first part of the clue, participants had to figure out a book title, which contained numbers (i.e. A Tale of Two Cities). From there the students solved a math problem which required the number in the book title. Once they determined the room number, they had to determine a single letter, pertaining to the book from the first clue. Many clues included the letter of an author’s name or character.

Once all three components were solved the next room number was revealed (i.e. C204). For each correctly solved room number, the pair received a token. The first group to hunt down all ten tokens and arrive at the secret location would be the winners.

The first pair to unscramble the location, “The Library,” was Caely O’Donnell and Sydney Cline. They each received a ten dollar Regal Cinema gift card. Andrew Tran won the raffle prize. All participants were awarded pizza.

NEHS officer Natalie Smith and a large team of math and English honor society members worked for hours planning the clues and math problems.  They had a few glitches at the start, but the scavenger hunt was a success.  Next year, they plan to do it again.

Mrs. Natalie Rebetsky and Mrs. Jen Purgason are the honor society sponsors.  NEHS spring events include a pen pal activity with an elementary school, Poetry on the Sidewalk Day and a poetry evening.