Blood drive collects almost 30 units: Photo of the Day 10/28/2015


courtesy of Sarah Molineau

Junior, Robbie Miley, got a sticker for donating blood.

by Sianna King, Reporter

On October 28, Linganore held a blood drive in the auxiliary gym, which was attended by a large number of students and teachers. Donors must be at least 16 years old and cannot weigh less than 110 pounds. This is so that the loss of blood won’t affect them too much.

Donating blood isn’t very difficult. According to the American Red Cross, before you donate, you should stay hydrated. In addition, if you have low iron levels you will not be able to donate. Lastly, relax.

There’s a risk with just about everything we do.  If a family member, or even a stranger, got severely injured, your blood could potentially save them. Crises happen all the time, all over the world; donating blood is one way to help someone.

“I like to think that this could save someone’s life,” said Zach Yurich.

The American Red Cross stated almost 41,000 blood donations are needed per day. Though type O blood is needed the most, any blood type donated could potentially save someone’s life.