AP art seniors make their mark: Photo of the Day 5/25/2015


Olivia Goldstein

Izzy Peterson’s ode to the film “A Trip to the Moon.”

by Olivia Goldstein, Editor

5AP studio art seniors were assigned to create personal designs for the art room stools. Each student came up with a painting or photo transfer that reflected who they are as artists at LHS.

The “make you mark” assignment was open-ended, and students had the freedom to paint on the top of the stool and around the sides to give it a 3-D effect. Mr. Christian Madenspacher came up with the idea, so seniors can leave behind a piece of their art for years to come.

Similar to the old Linganore building, where students painted tiles on the ceiling, the goal was that over time all the stools across all art rooms will be covered with nostalgic designs.

“It’ll be interesting to see when new students come in, which stool they gravitate towards,” said Madenspacher.

The students participating in the first generation of stool paintings were excited to leave their lasting mark.

“Students for years to come will be able to see what past students have done, and hopefully give them inspiration,” said senior Izzy Peterson.