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Where are the Black excellence movies and television shows that reflect positive issues?

Horror series Them: When Black suffering becomes trauma fetish

by Maya Apau and Leila Gibril May 27, 2021

Our Trauma, Their Entertainment  The majority of Black film depicts the pain and suffering at the hands of racists that Blacks in America have endured.  Slavery, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, Civil Rights.   While...

Atypical, a heartfelt comedy of a teenager Sam who is on the autism spectrum.

NETFLIX Review: Autism is far from “Atypical”

by Leila Gibril, Reporter March 25, 2021

Autism is one of the most misunderstood conditions that people like to think they do understand. People always have an opinion, but most of the time, they have it all wrong, they're just, Typical. It’s...

Emma Nolan, the main character, stands off from the crowd alone as the rest of the group takes all the glory

The Prom (2020): When will LGBTQ+ issues become more than a plot point?

by Jessie Hernandez, Reporter March 24, 2021

Overpriced dress? CHECK. Hair styled? CHECK. Prom-posal poster? CHECK. Code for Google Meet prom? CHECK. FCPS has announced that there will be no proms held this year due to COVID-19 restrictions....

Many of the soul favorites are pictured above, with stunning animations and characters it is easy to be captivated!

Disney’s Soul jazzes up the afterlife

by Caroline Hobson, Editor January 26, 2021

Heaven?  Hell?  Underworld? Valhalla? Reincarnation? The afterlife and the surrounding beliefs can be an extremely confusing and frightening topic to many. The typical idea of the afterlife surrounds...

Cats, its crazy and scary.

Cats movie: Pawsitively horrible

by Erica Blockinger, Reporter January 24, 2020

The famous Broadway musical Cats has been adapted into a movie, and “meow” it's a bit more than strange. The plot of the movie follows the musical pretty well, but the most unsettling part of the new...

Let it Snow: Youre going to love it SNOW much

Let it Snow: You’re going to love it SNOW much

by Gabby North, Reporter December 18, 2019

John Green is one of my favorite authors, and I have read all of his bestsellers from The Fault In Our Stars to Looking for Alaska. All of his books are teen dramas, as he writes many coming-of-age novels....

Cheesy Movie Review: After viewing it 3 times, cant wait for sequel

Cheesy Movie Review: ”After” viewing it 3 times, can’t wait for sequel

by Kendall Martin, Editor November 4, 2019

After, rated PG-13, is a romantic drama, directed by Jenny Gage available on Netflix beginning in the fall.  I've watched it three times.  It's not the world's greatest movie, but After is great for...

This is not IT: Chapter Two resides in the sewers

This is not IT: Chapter Two resides in the sewers

by Gabby North, Reporter September 25, 2019

The second half of Stephen King’s dark and twisty thriller revisits the nightmare that is stalking Derry, Maine. Director Andrés Muschietti, features many frights as well as emotional scenes we weren’t...

Aquaman--- DC Comic rises to the surface but still sinks below Marvel

Aquaman— DC Comic rises to the surface but still sinks below Marvel

by Maya Apau and Daniel Apau January 15, 2019

Will Aquaman remain in Atlantis or on the stage of the Oscars? Imagine if you were split between two worlds: Atlantis and Earth. For DC Comic  underwater superhero, on land he is Arthur Curry, and...

The novel was spectacular, but the film was even better!

Dumplin’ teaches teens the importance of loving self and others

by Elizabeth Anderson, Watermark Editor December 14, 2018

On December 7, Netflix released the new film Dumplin', based on the novel of the same name by Julie Murphy. Having loved the book, I was eager to see how the movie measured up, especially since it was...

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