The Chiefs have done it again! They win against the Eagles 38-35


by Nate Reinfurt, Editor

The Kansas City Chiefs have won the Super Bowl by a final score of 38 – 35 over the Philadelphia Eagles. The most valuable player (MVP) of the game, Patrick Mahomes, played excellently, finishing the game with 182 passing yards and 3 passing touchdowns.

This Super Bowl was widely known as the Kelce Bowl due to brothers Jason and Travis Kelce playing against each other, the first time such an occurrence has happened. Travis played for the Chiefs while Jason played for the Eagles. Both Kelce Brothers each played great. Travis finished the game with 81 receiving yards and 1 touchdown, while Jason finished the game with 0 sacks allowed.

However, this game will ultimately be remembered for the controversial pass-interference call that gave the Chiefs the Super Bowl. In the 4th quarter, Eagles cornerback, James Bradberry was called for pass interference after holding Chiefs wide reciever, JuJu Smith-Schuster’s back while trying to prevent Smith-Schuster from getting into the endzone.

Some people applauded the call, others disagreed with the interference call and claim that the play ruined the game. However, Eagle players and head coaches agreed with the call and believe the game should not have come down to that play when talking with reporters from

Eagles player, James Bradberry said, “It was a holding, I tugged his jersey. I was hoping they would let it slide.”

Eagles player, Brandon Graham also said,”I trust them refs, man.”

Eagles head coach, Nick Siriani argued that the play alone did not cost the Eagles the Super Bowl.

[“We understand that. But it’s never about one play. They got to make that call in a split decision. I’m not here to debate whether it was the right call or the wrong call. Of course, sometimes I’m like, ‘well, hey, it went against us, of course I don’t like it.’ But they got to do a hard job in split-second decisions. But it never comes down to one play. Even though at times it perceives to.”]

Meanwhile, Linganore students who are NFL fans have mixed opinions on the call.

Linganore student David Parker believes it should have been called.

“It looked like Bradberry held JuJu for a split second,” Parker said. “I can definitely see why the ref threw the flag.”

Linganore student Noah King disagrees and believes the penalty should not have been called.

It was a “garbage call by a garbage league,” said King.

No matter which side a fan takes on the matter, this Super Bowl is considered one of the greatest games ever played, as it was a back-and-forth struggle between the two teams throughout the game. However, the controversial penalty will add to how Super Bowl 57 will be remembered.