Lancer Spotlight 5/27/23: Linganore SSL program to be replaced with new FCPS program next year


Leila Gibril

Junior Logan Walsh, an SSL for this semester, interacts with students in Lynn Fox’s chemistry class.

by Leila Gibril, Editor

The 2022-2023 school year was the last year for the Student Service Learning (SSL) program at Linganore High School. Next school year, it is being replaced with the Peer Academic and Community Engagement Experience (PACEE). 

Linganore career and technology education teacher Jeremy Brown will coordinate the new program as he did the former SSL program.

“Its a new program with Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) focused on students volunteering as part of their school day,” Brown said.

This past year, and in previous years, students had the opportunity to take part in the SSL program, which allowed students to show their build responsibility and volunteer in their school community. As part of the program, they could be assigned to help teachers in their classrooms, go to a different school or work site, and expand their knowledge.

This coming year, FCPS is taking part in a newer program called PACEE, which is a lot like the former SSL program but with more opportunities and responsibilities.

To be accepted into this program, one must have good attendance, a good recommendation from a teacher and a thirst for knowledge.

Students must express interest in the program when picking classes for the next year. An interest meeting was held a few weeks after students selected the class on their registration sheet. Generally, the program is used by juniors and seniors.

Parents must sign a consent form after reading about the PACEE program, and students must turn it in within 11 days after receiving the form.

Although students do not get to pick the teacher they are assigned to for the semester, they get to have new classroom experiences that could help them better understand a real-life work environment. 

This program is consistent with schools all across the county. FCPS feels they are creating an accountability for students and helping them achieve their fullest potential. Ultimately, little will change from the orignal SSL program.

“For students, it [the PACEE program] should operate the same as the SSL before, as far as the placements and leadership they got from teachers,” Brown said.

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