Lancer Spotlight 1/10/23 : Society of Women Engineers Club provides guidance for aspiring engineers


Faith Kyere

Patrick Greene and members of the Society of Women Engineers club discuss what type of engineers they want to be in the future. (Photographed from left to right, Charlotte Davis, Lexi Soto, Abigail Etherton, Tatum Coleman, Evelin Heine, Kim Kelsie, Kailyn Nanda, Makyla DeVries, Megan McCaffrey, Patrick Greene)

by Faith Kyere, Reporter

The Society of Women’s Engineers Club, facilitated by Linganore (LHS) teacher Patrick Greene, is an encouraging club that creates a space for women who want to be engineers. 

This club invites female professors in engineering and women studying engineering to tutor and provide guidance to club members. The students also discuss what they can do as a community and what future actions they should take to achieve their personal and career goals.

“I started this club because I think we need to have more women involved in engineering,” said Greene. He explained that to his knowledge this club is the only women’s stem club offered at Linganore.

“It’s been a very male-dominated field for many many years, but I think women bring a flavor to the design process and [a] perspective that men typically don’t have,” said Greene.

Lexi Soto, a junior at LHS, also believes a club focusing on women in engineering is important.

“Women aren’t like put into engineering enough, and they don’t have the same opportunities. So, it’s important to show that we’re smart enough, and we can do the same [as men in the field],” said Soto.

She enjoys her experience in the club because she likes working together with other LHS students, helping others, spending time with those who share similar interests, and hanging out with her female friends who also plan to become engineers.

If you are interested in joining an all women’s club that pushes for female empowerment and success for women in engineering, check this link to find out more.