Top ten albums of 2022


(Alexa Waser)

2022 has been a year with a lot of great music. Some of the best albums relased this year include (from left to right) “Harry’s House,” “Being Funny In a Forgien Language,” “Saturno,” “Midnights,” “The Car” and “Caprisongs.”

by Alexa Waser, Editor

2022 is the first year since the pandemic in which the music industry has been in full swing. With so many releases, tours and festivals this year, it can be hard to keep track of just how many albums have been released, let alone form an opinion on the best ones. Just in these past few months, several highly-anticipated albums have been released, creating world-wide discussions around which are the best. 

These are the top ten albums of 2022.


Barcelona native, Rosalia, has made major waves with the release of her third album “MOTOMAMI.” The album was long-awaited by fans since sophomore album, El Mal Querer,” was released in 2018.

The album was a huge stray from Rosalia’s typical flamenco and pop-inspired projects. In 2021, the album was first teased with the release of the bachata-inspired song, “LA FAMA,” along with Canadian R&B artist The Weeknd.

The singer continued to tease clips of songs on TikTok before releasing the first official single, “SAOKO.” This high energy, drum heavy reggaeton track had fans excited, and spectators worried.

Many believed that Rosalia’s previous style fit her much better and that she should stick to music native to Spain. Rosalia has proven those spectators wrong. Debuting at #1, “MOTOMAMI” was named fourth best album of the year by Rolling Stone, and Rosalia became the first woman to win the Latin Grammy for album of the year twice.

This album tackled so many sounds and genres, and Rosalia dominated them all. From reggaeton, bachata, bolero, ballad, samba and flamenco, to experimental pop/reggaeton, this album is blended together beautifully in a way only Rosalia could manage. 


Taylor Swift took a break from re-recording her songs to revisit pop with the release of her tenth studio album, “Midnights.” All of the tracks in the album work together to tell the story of 13 sleepless nights, a beautifully cohesive concept. Yet, all of the tracks work wonderfully as stand-alone songs as well.

The album explores a familiar upbeat pop, while incorporating mellow elements of Swift’s previous projects, such as “Folklore” and “Evermore.” In true Taylor fashion, the songstress tackles deeply personal topics on tracks like “Anti-Hero” and 3am edition’s “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve.”

Swift’s lyricism never fails, and this album is no exception. She paints the picture of each song’s story with beautiful metaphors and imagery. She sings about her personal experiences while extending the narrative.

The album was very well-received by fans and by much of the general public. It has broken the record for the most single-day streams of an album on Spotify and holds the top 10 spots on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Un Verano Sin Ti 

“Un Verano Sin Ti” (A Summer Without You) is the fifth album released by Puerto Rican Artist Bad Bunny. This 23-track album was teased by Bad Bunny during the announcement for his 2022 summer tour, “World’s Hottest Tour,” making fans speculate over a new album release.

With this album, Bad Bunny tackled new genres while also sticking to the typical sound his fans love. Tracks such as “Yo No Soy Celoso,” “Otro Atardecer,” “Después De La Playa” and “El Apagón,” take on Bossa Nova, Indie-pop, Merengue, and Electronic genres.

However, songs such as “Me Porto Bonito” and “Party” stick to the classic reggaeton sound. This point in his career. Bad Bunny is established enough to experiment and have fun, while still staying true to his roots and giving the general public what they want.

“Un Verano Sin Ti,” has two sides: Side A and Side B. Side A is upbeat and fun, while Side B is tranquil and pensive.

This album served as a summer playlist for many, and continues to rake in the streams. It became the fastest record to reach 7 billion streams in Spotify’s history, and has stayed at number 1 for a Latin album on Billboard since its release.  

Being Funny In a Foreign Language 

English band, The 1975, released their fifth studio album, “Being Funny In a Foreign Language” on October 14.

The record has a very melodic and jazzy sound, with the occasional upbeat track. The lyrics through the album act as a reflection on the world and on frontman Matty Healy, all while using humor to keep listers intrigued.

In lyrics such as, “I’m sorry if you’re living and you’re seventeen. I heard it’s en vouge to be super thin,” Healy reflects on the difficulties of living in such a critical society during one’s formative years.

Healy goes on to ring in the comedy with lyrics like “mum’s not a fan of that line about her back; said it makes her sound frumpy and old. I said woman, you are 64 years old.”

This kind of writing not only makes one laugh, but it also makes the listener feel a part of a conversation with Healy. There is a ton of personality and personability put into these tracks, and they all come together beautifully, earning it one of the top spots.

Skinty Fia

The third album by Irish rock band Fontaines D.C., “Skinty Fia,” is a love letter to Ireland. The album is the first that the band has released since relocating to London, and in it they express how they feel like outsiders for being Irish.

The opening track, “In ár gCroíthe go deo,” introduces the theme of Irish pride and expresses the group’s yearning for their homeland. The title translates to “in our hearts forever,” and frontman Grian Chatten sings this track in honor of Margaret Keene.

Keene lived in England most of her life. When she died, her family wanted this phrase engraved on her tombstone. However, the English church rejected it out of fear it would be misinterpreted as a political phrase.

The theme is carried throughout the album in songs such as “I Love You,” which calls out corruption in Ireland and the lack of opportunity for Irish youth.

There is passion behind every aspect of the album, and Chatten’s voice and the band’s playing blend beautifully together to tell this story of Irish pride. 

The Car

Known for their rock sound, Arctic Monkeys took a stylistic change with the release of their seventh studio album “The Car.” This record includes a lot more funk and orchestral elements. The band has expressed that since their majorly popular 2013 release of AM, they have been trying to stray from their initial rock sound.

The album was named after front man Alex Turner saw the photo that would become the cover. He said the image inspired the title track along with a few others, because so many important and early memories happen in cars. The record plays like a soundtrack to a beautifully-shot film. It expertly paints a picture through Turner’s lyricism and the band’s orchestral edge. This is another extremely cohesive album, making it deserving of its high ranking.

Harry’s House

Harry Styles released his third album this year, “Harry’s House.” It was long-awaited by fans after 2019s majorly successful album, “Fine Line.”

In this album, Styles tackled a new sound with more funk and synth-pop influences, compared to his previous records’ pop-rock style.

Styles released the lead single, “As It Was,” on April 1. The song generated a lot of traction for the upcoming album. This promotional single was a perfect choice, as its upbeat sound and somber lyrics perfectly encapsulate Styles’s fun and personable nature.

When listening to this record from start to finish, it takes one through a plethora of emotions, from the upbeat “Music For a Sushi Restaurant” or the relaxed “Grapejuice” to the melancholic “Matilda.”

The album was proven to be hugely successful, breaking records by becoming the most sold vinyl record of the century. It also achieved the longest running #1 single with “As It Was.” 

Waiting to Spill 

Hailing from Utah, indie-rock band The BackSeatlovers released their sophomore album “Waiting To Spill” on October 28, three years after their debut. This album is the perfect soundtrack for the fall and winter seasons, with many mellow folk tracks, brightened by a few angsty additions.

The opening track, “Silhouette,” puts out few words yet a lot of emotion. Going from a strung-out acoustic intro to a distorted heavy rock and finishing with droney vocals and guitar tones.

In an  interview, the band mentioned that they played an E-note out of a moving vehicle in order to create the key change they wanted to achieve.

Overall, the album’s topics of heartache and nostalgia are perfectly accompanied by the instrumentation and production. With only ten tracks, this record blends nicely for a cohesive sound, making it a favorite for the year.


Though it is technically a mixtape and not an album, “Caprisongs” still manages to feel connected. English artist FKA Twiggs brings elements of R&B, soul, afrobeats, rap and hyperpop to create an entirely unique body of work.

This record is more upbeat and palatable for the average listener than Twiggs’ previous work.

The record’s production really shines through, with executive production by El Guincho and notable production from many others such as Arca. Overall, the record sounds amazing throughout and is a great front-to-back listen.


Puerto Rican artist Rauw Alejandro seems to have taken experimental inspiration from his girlfriend, Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalia. “Saturno” strays from Alejandro’s typical R&B or trap inspired reggaeton sound, while still keeping his signature style and vocals.

This album plays with production more than past projects. It contains more sound effects, playful autotune and futuristic sounds which play into the space theme.

With tracks like “VERDE MENTA,” Alejandro uses classic reggaeton drums over techno synths with choppy production in order to create a futuristic feel. The overall production is done very well on this project that Alejandro himself had a hand in.

Alejandro co-produced the album alongside Mr. NaisGai, Tainy and others. The transition from his sophomore album, “VISE VERSA,” was done smoothly with the release of promotional singles “LOKERA” and “PUNTO 40,” giving listeners a taste of his new sound.