Lancer Spotlight 11/14/22: Linganore hosts a BMX assembly with a positive message


Michael Dillman

Linganore students and staff watch in awe as the biker prepares to go up the ramp.

by Chase Breck, Reporter

On November 10th, Linganore students were pulled out of class and packed into the gym for an assembly. When students arrived they were not just met with any boring assembly, A.G.A. NATION was there to perform a bike show.  

A.G.A. NATION is a company that goes to schools across the country and performs shows with positive influence. At Linganore they performed the Bring your A game performance, a bike show with a powerful message. They wanted to tell kids to always do your best in school, using there core A’s. Anti-bullying, personal achievement, maximizing your ability, staying active, being authentic and having the right attitude.

Micheal Dillman
Darius Hollie poses with A.G.A Nation and a member of the army after winning 100 dollars.

The show featured two professional BMX riders and a professional scooter rider. They did back flips, tail whips, and flipped over a Linganore teacher and a member of the army. At the end of the show they had a raffle for a 100 dollar visa gift card. Freshman Darius Hollie, won the 100 dollar gift card raffle.

Ryan Nguyen had a great time at the show he said “The BMX show was a great break in the middle of my first period. It honestly got me pretty inspired, I got all my work done when we went back to class”

Mattingly Breck agreed “It was super awesome seeing BMX guys and the scooter guy do

A.G.A Nation flips over Linganore Teacher and a member of the Army.

tricks… I also liked how it had a message very good message behind it”

The Bring your A game bike show carry’s a great message with it. Nguyen said “I think they should go to every school in Frederick county. Its a really cool show with an inspirational message and it gets the students engaged.”

Breck agreed “This show is definitely beneficial, I think every school should have this show or something with a similar idea”