Homecoming dance 2022: Was it worth $25 a ticket?


Kiefer Ely

Homecoming 2022 dance primarily uses the cafeteria and did not use the outside patio area like last year.

Homecoming week is highly anticipated by almost all Linganore High School students. Spirit week, the pep rally, and the homecoming football game all led up to the homecoming dance on Saturday, October 8. At the dance, students could enjoy time with their friends with food, drinks and music. This year, the cost of that experience was $25.

The theme for homecoming this year was Happily Ever After. The theme was showcased with cartoon-like displays such as inflatable dragons and fairytale castles.

Along with these displays, the event also included a large dance area in the cafeteria with an active DJ.

β€œThe music was better than I expected. It was a mix of modern and older music,” said sophomore Rowan Grob.

Students gather in a group to dance to the songs being played. Kiefer Ely

For those who did not want to dance, the Learning Commons on the top floor and main street hallway were filled with tables and chairs to allow students to sit and relax throughout the night.

Water, hot chocolate and candy were also available as refreshments for students during their time at the event, though there was no proper food.

With this in mind, some might wonder just where all the ticket money went.

Sophomore Christina Wallace mimicked this sentiment: β€œ900 tickets sold for $25 each. They got over $20,000 and still managed to have the worst music and food possible?”

Besides the admittedly fun displays, there was very little to the dance itself that would appear to warrant the amount of money generated by ticket sales. Many people felt as if it was underwhelming despite being enjoyable, especially for such a high ticket price.

Though the opinion on the Homecoming dance was very split this year, it was still an enjoyable night for many people. Everyone continues to look forward to possible improvements next year.

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