Speed Cameras in New Market begin issuing fines to locals


Mason Musser

A car accident involving two vehicles occurred on Main Street earlier in the week despite the newly installed New Market speed cameras.

by Gabe Erb, Reporter

From the 1st block to the 100th block, speed cameras now line Main Street.

Speed cameras are strategically placed to catch cars speeding as they go downhill while exiting the downtown New Market, Maryland. (Mason Musser)

The cameras were installed on September 9 but only issued warnings for the first month. They began issuing fines on October 9 for anyone going 12 or more miles per hour over the posted 25 mph speed limit.

The fine imposed on those triggering the speed cameras is $40 for each violation. The purpose of the speed cameras is to prevent dangerous speeding and potential crashes in New Market and the school zones within.

“To increase safety in and around school zones, the Town of New Market has implemented a school zone speed safety program. The objective of the program is to slow motorists down and change driver behavior, making the community safer as drivers obey the posted speed limits,” said Thoas Dommel, the speed camera program administrator.

Dommel reported that the speed cameras issued 5700 violations during the 30-day warning period. Additionally, in just the first five days of the citation period there were 1005 violations.

“[This] clearly shows the need for speed-reduction measures,” Dommel said.

Despite the obvious need, some in the Linganore community seem to disagree with the implementation of the speed cameras.

“It doesn’t make New Market any safer. They put the cameras in bad locations,” New Market native Augie Jansen said.

“It’s at the bottom of a hill, of course sometimes people aren’t going to realize they’re going a little fast. It’s just the government trying to get money,” Linganore history teacher Joe Hawkins said.

New Market has updated their official website to include information about the new cameras and statistics supporting their use.

According to the Town of New Market website, “Speed safety cameras have shown to be effective in reducing crashes as well as pedestrian-related injuries. Most importantly, communities that use speed safety cameras consistently report safer roads around their schools.” 

The goal for the cameras is clear: to keep the school zones of New Market Middle and New Market Elementary safe from speeding drivers and to protect the public. 

Linganore junior Mason Musser lives on Main Street in New Market. He reports that the speed cameras are having an effect, although seemingly temporary. 

“Most cars just slow down for the cameras and speed back up right after they pass them,” said Musser.

The long-term impact of the speed cameras on the New Market community remains to be seen.