Lancer Spotlight 5-16-22 : Journalism celebrates end of year with paper plate awards


Seth Moses

Emily Lotito gives Best Procrastinator award to Seth Moses.

by Seth Moses, Reporter

On May 17, the Spring 2022 Lancer Media held their biannual paper plate award ceremony.  It is to appreciate and shine light on the achievements each student had in journalism.  Each student chose another student to make a plate award for.

The awards are meant to be something positive about the achievements that were made or something funny but still nice about the person.  One of them was the “Most likely to watch anime award” presented to Joe Ham by Brayden Gregory.

Joe Ham getting the most likely to watch anime in class paper plate.

“It was a lot of fun to get a paper plate about one of my interests which was nice coming from a friend,” said Joe Ham.

One at a time, each classmate went to the front to give their plates to the recipient. There were also refreshments after the awards (and no we don’t use the plates we just got). 

Journalism teacher Natalie Rebetsky received five paper plate awards, one each from editors Caroline Hobson, Emily Lotito, Brayden Gregory, Marissa DePalma, and Madeline Hull. Their theme was how Mrs Rebetsky was like each super hero. Emily did Dr Strange; Brayden did The Hulk; Marissa did Iron Man; Caroline did Elastigirl; and Madeline did Captain America.  It was a nice parting gift for Mrs Rebetsky from the seniors.

The paper plate awards are supposed to be fun and lighthearted and it’s a nice way to end the year.