Lancer Spotlight 4/4/2022: NEHS celebrates April Poetry month on the windows


Natalie Ann Rebetsky

With rain eminent from behind the glass, members of the NEHS, Catarina Brocolino and Genevieve Cretella, write on the windows with dry erase markers.

by Alexis Simmerman, Editor

Poetry on the Sidewalk is an outdoor event where members celebrate April Poetry Month. Even during the social distancing of last yea,r members wrote poetry in chalk on their own sidewalks and driveways.

However, it seemed that this year, Mother Nature had other ideas. On March 31, it was stormy and unpleasant. Instead of allowing the day to be ruined by rain, students gathered with markers and turn the poetry on the sidewalk into poetry on the windows in the cafeteria.

It was a good idea in practice, but execution showed some flaws.

“It was a great success in terms of volunteers. Markers were less than great,” English Honor Society advisor  Mrs. Natalie Rebetsky said. “I didn’t know that there are specific paint markers that are made for windows.  Next year, I plan to have those markers because they will show up better on the glass.”

While the event wasn’t a huge success it was still a way to welcome poetry month at Linganore.

“I really enjoyed the event. The markers didn’t work great, but everyone had a lot of fun writing on the cafeteria windows. Next year I think paint markers will work better for the windows, but I think its a great idea to host the poetry event in the cafeteria so everyone can see,” said senior Caroline Hobson.

Doing poetry on the windows of the cafeteria allows more people to see the work during lunch, rather than it just washing away on the sidewalk.