Environmental Club plants trees, worries about future


Marissa begins to plant the first tree of the day. (Courtesy of Casimer Szyper)

by Mack Mullinix, Reporter

On April 9, the newly formed Environmental club set out to do its first tree planting event. The goal was to plant 300 trees around the community. Families could select from 3 different trees from Tree-Plenish (Northern Red Oak, Red Maple, and Eastern RedBud). They were able to distribute 137 trees.

Environmental Club President Marissa DePalma was determined to change Linganore’s attitude towards sustanability

“I created the club to get Linganore students to think more environmentally friendly, so we can have a club to help clean up the community,” said DePalma.

As DePalma, Vice President Catherine Bowers, and Advisor Angela Smith began to prepare for the long day of planting, it became clear even though the trees arrived, the volunteers had not.

“Well… It didn’t go as smoothly as we wanted,” said DePalma.

With no other options, DePalma and Bowers were left to plant the numerous orders they had to fulfill by themselves.

“Marissa and Catherine planted those trees in the sleet and rain. I can’t do dignity to how brave they were,” said Smith.

DePalma called in her friends, seniors Madeline Hull, Ben Grimes, and Allie Khuener. The team delivered and planted 34 of the trees.

Both DePalma and Bowers will graduate this year, so Mrs. Smith is looking for new leadership.

“We need someone to help pick up the pieces,” said Smith.

The club would like to do this project again next year, along with expanding into other projects.

For more information about joining the club, Schoology message Angela Smith.