Crook to Cook

Snoop holding one his lobster made with his recipe in his cook book


Snoop holding one his lobster made with his recipe in his cook book

by Evelyn Ward, Reporter

See, hungry Dogg’s gotta eat,” said Snoop Dogg.

Forget about the stress of not knowing what to make for holidays. In Snoop Dogg’s new cookbook, “From Crook to Cook,” he shares all his favorite Thanksgiving recipes and how to prepare them. 

He also includes “must-haves” for his pantry and fridge and why he always keeps items such as oranges, mayo and breadcrumbs on hand. These items are included in a lot of his recipes; for example, he incorporates his love of oranges into his turkey and gravy.

An image of Snoop Dogg and one of his dishes is featured on the cover of his cook book, “From Crook to Cook.”

For this cookbook, he has partnered with long-time friend Martha Stewart. According to an interview with The Chicago Time, he intends to take “the cookbook game higher with a dipped and whipped collection of [his] favorite recipes, ya dig?”

Snoop is not the only rapper who has made a cookbook. The recently passed Coolio also has a published cookbook, “Cooking with Coolio,” which sparked an inspiration for Snoop to work with author Ryan Ford.

In “From Crook to Cook,” Snoop made it very clear that Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday, not just for the food but for football, too. For that reason, he created a game-day menu for snacks to eat during the game and a big meal afterward.

Starting with the game-day snacks, Snoop talks about his “One Pan Slam,” which is comprised of well-spiced ground beef, corn, black beans, cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese, sour cream and smashed avocado.

In Snoop’s book, he adds his own little twists to classic Thanksgiving recipes.

He enjoys his meals with friends on his show, “Double G News,” where he hosts a good turkey day turn-up. Everyone that works on the show comes out to join snoop, eat a Thanksgiving meal together and talk about what they are thankful for, encouraging everyone to do the same with family and friends this Thanksgiving.