Fair Day 2022: What should you expect?


Emily Rice

The view of The Great Frederick Fair from the top of “The Swings”.

by JP Lyons, Editor

Fall is officially upon us, the air is getting cooler, leaves are turning from green to a colorful variety, football games dominate Friday evenings, and most importantly the Frederick Fair comes to town.

The fair began on September 16th but today is Fair Day, the second to last day of The Great Frederick Fair. Frederick County Public School (FCPS) students will surely be rushing to the fair as schools will be letting students out 3.5 hours early, an FCPS tradition. 

The fair will open its doors at 10 a.m. and close at 10 p.m. One ride ticket will cost you $1.50, while $25 will get you 22 tickets. You can also buy an all-night wristband for $25.  

In preparation for the big day, I will be providing some insight on all of the best rides, best food, performances, animals, etc. 

Fair Day will be filled with fun activities, generally marketed toward kids. Some of these activities include a free kid zone from 9-10 a.m., a parade of horse breeds from 1:30-2:30 p.m., a model horse show at 2:30 p.m., and the night will be finished off with a musical show headlined by Brent Cobb.

The fair will also be filled with classic fair foods such as fried oreos, funnel cakes, candy apples, lemonade and more! The fair will also feature local food companies including Hemp’s Meats, J.B. Seafood and All the Sweets.

Most importantly, the fair is home to many thrilling rides including The Beast, The Zipper, Starship 3000, The Swings, and of course the Ferris Wheel. Personally, my favorite ride at the Frederick fair would have to be Starship 3ooo.

Jorlandy Sosa (9), JP Lyons (11), Ayden Marsh (9) enjoying the fair. (Brady Zirkle)

After asking students what their favorite ride was, I found the most popular answer was The Beast.

“I liked how long the ride lasted and the anti-gravity effect given off from the ride,” said Sophomore Solana Smith. Her second favorite ride was The Zipper because it was fun flipping upside down.

“My favorite ride was Beach party because I liked spinning in circles along to the fun beach-themed music,” said Sophomore Skylar Shields.

While carnival rides are meant for laughter and fun, one particular student was terrified after riding The Beast.

“I’m scared of heights, so the higher I got the more my anxiety increased,” said Junior Joel Martin. It is safe to say he will not be riding the Beast again anytime soon.

Other students like Freshman Brady Zirkle are bigger fans of the causal rides such as The Swings. “I would [rather] be relaxed on a ride than be looking for a thrill,” said Zirkle. He also enjoyed the carnival games and even won a basketball after winning the mini basketball carnival game.

Overall, the Lancer students’ favorite rides varied based on different interests and preferences. Some students come seeking a thrilling joy ride while others just came to play a  basketball carnival game. However, the variety in entertainment is what makes the Frederick Fair so unique; there is something for everyone.

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